Creative Genius or Complete Fluke...

About Me


I am a 30 year old creative designer that loves everything about design and am now looking for a new adventure. I love a challenge and the excitement of the fast paced design world.

My passion for creativity started at an early age although I didn’t realise it was a sign for things to come. As a girl I would always be creating costumes and artwork and as I grew so did my imagination. Now as a mother I find I am excited at the prospect of doing this all again soon with my little girl.

Throughout most of my childhood I had another dream which took my education in an opposite direction which means I have a very scientific and methodical way of approaching things (and know at least the first 20 elements of the periodic table).

I didn’t follow my flair for design until my early twenties when I found that I was happiest when immersed in creative projects and focused on making things both beautiful and visually striking. I have a great passion for tactile design but have experience in most areas and love trying something new.

For more info, please contact me or check out my CV below.

Life on A4
Experience Talks

7+ years of industry experience and still learning new things

Creative Ideas

Always on the look out for new inspiration and concepts

New Skills

A fast learner that will step up to any challenge whole heartedly

Finishing Touches

An eye for detail and a designers passion for perfection

My Skills
Photoshop 0
Illustrator 0
InDesign 0